Cruel Corona——-

প্রকাশিত: 8:45 PM, March 22, 2020

Shergul Ahmed
Principal, Sunamganj Poura College
Corona you are a deadly tiny virus.
Reign over the world putting humanity in danger.
We people are very panicky to see your sweeping ruin.
Can you tighten your rein for peace?
Can you stop your caravan for a while?
I will provide you a lot of floral wreath in return.
I will sprinkle in your way a plenty of flower petal to be moderate.
I will tell the melody of heavenly tunes to make you calm.
I will gift you a celestial abode to live.
Where you can breathe peace as you tired lot
I know you’ve never had the pleasure of retiring on your weary journey.
Do you not have a little pity on the plight of humanity?
All mankind is helpless today in your brutality.
For God sake, save the humanity from the clutches of your inhumanity.
Give it a chance to be pure.


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